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Danijela and Darren, England, UK


First of all I want to say that Ross deserves 1,000,000+ stars!!! He is just exceptional to say the least! Our day was beyond perfect! Ross pulled out all the stops, he really did..

Me and my fiancé had been together for over 3 years and engaged for 2 and a half of those years.. Ross was the 3rd company I phoned and the best (3rd time lucky I'd say! Hehe) 🙂 so we chatted on the phone for about 20mins and what a pleasant conversation it was.. From the moment I heard Ross' voice I was instantly impressed with his telephone manner and his knowledge. He's a start up company but my god he knew what he was talking about... Extremely clued up young man.. 😀

Me and Darren had the most perfect day and without Ross', Carens and Vlad's help we couldn't of done it!

Thank you thank you thank you so so so much guys! You were exceptional!

Not only were they our wedding planners but we have made new friends too!!! 🙂

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Justin and Nichole, Chino Hills

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My wife and I had our wedding ceremony done at Santa Monica beach, and it turned out wonderful! Ross took care of everything and was able to provide us with a beautiful unforgettable ceremony. I have already recommended him to a few friends and family. Thanks again Ross!!!

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Alan and Cynthia, Los Angeles

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Ross was our wedding officiant for our "simple" wedding ceremony in Santa Monica this past weekend and let me tell you, he ROCKS! He went above and beyond the normal duty of an officiant and made sure our ceremony day was as perfect as it can be. He scouted ahead for the perfect location to have our dream oceanside ceremony scene, explained every step of the process to submit the actual paperwork and wrote a heck of a touching exchanging of the vows script for us. It was simply incredible, you would be making a mistake not choosing him! Incredible value, choose him for your wedding ceremony, no matter big or small! A++++++

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Chase & Brandon, Malibu


We'd been together for nearly seven years and we decided to get married... that day. Unfortunately, when we got our license we found out booking a civil ceremony at the courthouse wasn't gonna happen for a few weeks. I pulled out Yelp, found Ross and am so happy I did. Within two hours from the first call, we were on the beach getting married. Despite the short notice, he showed up looking sharp and was very professional but also warm and charismatic.

What was originally planned (in my mind) as a no frills, get it done, document signing ended up as much more. Ross sent over a script with some options on it, but considering this was such a private ceremony (We invited no one and had Ross's wife Caren as our witness) we asked him instead to just say a few things off the cuff. He was very accommodating to our request for a secular ceremony, and start to finish he did a great job. It was still the simple thing I planned but Ross made it special.

A few days later he was kind enough to let us know he hand delivered our papers to the courthouse.

If I could give more stars I would.